Hollander is a universal number interchange system for OEM automotive parts. 


During the Great Depression, people had to come up with a different means of work than what they wanted to do with their life. This was indeed the case with the Hollander brothers, who had to cut their musical careers short and take jobs as car salesmen. Working with used cars, the boys found that they didn't have anything to do with leftover car parts, which were still in good usable condition. Car manufacturers were more than reluctant to admit their parts would be interchangeable with other vehicles, thus began a study to complete the Hollander interchange system. 

Who Uses the Interchange System?

Anyone involved with OEM car parts would benefit from using the Hollander database, mechanics, auto recyclers, and parts suppliers. The best part about Santa Ana Wheel using the Hollander interchange is we can find your wheel or part much faster and with better relevance to what you need.