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OEM Wheel Grading Scale

Below is the grading scale used when we purchase wheels. Our purchase quotes are based on the whee's condition and supply & demand. Please make sure the wheel pictures are clear and sharp, and show any flaws (if any). When we receive the wheel, the first thing we do is check for any bends, if there are none then we proceed to look for flaws (scratches, curb rash, clear coat issues, etc) in the wheels.

If the wheels are as described, then we will the amount agreed upon. If not, we will offer less for the wheels. We only purchase factory original OE wheels. We do not purchase aftermarket or replica wheels.

  1. A+ (New)

    New from factory. A wheel that has never been mounted.

  2. A (Like New)

    A wheel that has been mounted, but only been slightly used (if used at all). Typical “A” condition wheel has been taken off directly from a new vehicle.

  3. A- (Very Good)

    A wheel with very light scratches on the surface, but it is not noticeable and looks new from a short distance.

  4. B+ (Good)

    A wheel with very light and minor curb scratches that may not be noticeable from a short distance.

  5. B (Fair)

    A wheel with noticeable but minor curb scratches.The finish is still good as you would expect from regular usage.

  6. b- (Acceptable)

    A wheel with noticeable curb scratches and some clear coat issues.

  7. C (Poor)

    A wheel with combination of surface issues, but it’s not cracked or bent. This kind of wheel is suitable for chroming or to be reconditioned.

In order to make sure this transaction goes as smoothly as possible, please make sure to package each wheel individually. Make sure to use a nice snug boxes, not oversized where the wheel will be fumbling around. Also please try and incorporate some sort of protective padding on the face of the wheel to avoid any potential scratches to the face. Our goal is to avoid any sort of shipping damage to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly for both parties. If you have any questions on safely packaging your wheels for sale please do not hesitate to ask us or send pictures prior to shipping.