Ever Been Duped? Scammed? Bamboozled?

Unfortunately, in the era of online shopping it's easy to false advertise and get away with it. I'm sure you or some you know has purchased products with lower quality than expected.  This is simply unacceptable in the WHEEL world, but it does happen in the REAL world. Let's get you a tissue for the hurt, but also cheer you up with a FREE consultation  from our staff. As a bonus, here are some no-brainier tips before you make your next a purchase:

  1. Research before any purchase- this is huge!
  2. Check the price. Too good to be true? Maybe it is! 
  3. Call vendor/seller just to verify correct contact info
  4. Check for any grammatical errors or sketchy sentence structure. If they don't check their grammar, what makes you think they check their products?
  5. Follow your GUT!

Original products are just that. Originals. Don't forget that we’re here to help. We have a major selection at S.A.W and will go out of our way to search and find the original product (used or new).