Dos and Donts to Protect Your New/Used Wheels 

How new is new? It really depends on your perspective. One thing that is for sure is that we like to keep new things looking their absolute best! Scrapes and scratches on your brand new wheel or rim is that last thing to worry about during a morning commute. Unfortunately, they happen way too often.

Watch out for the following:

Cleaning Solutions- the type of non-abrasive solutions makes all of the difference. AVOID any type of acidic solutions, they can easily eat up the coats of your finishes. Take a look at our how-to clean Alloy Wheels article. Overall, gentle dish soap and water can get the job done. Reminder to NEVER clean wheels while they are hot.

Curbs! Majority of scrapes and scratches happy when you least expect it. Those curbs can cause a minor or major curb rash. Some common curb rash stories are due to bad parallel parking, pulling up too close to a curb while driving, suddenly turning the wheel to delay an accident... the list goes on!

Carwashes, especially full-service should be on the caution list. Some cleaners may not be the best solutions- acid-base solutions -mentioned earlier can damage. Feel free to ask, if they don't have an answer they themselves may not know it damages wheels. In contrast, those who are aware- will gladly explain which solution they use and why.