What tire size is right my wheel/rim?

Finding the perfect wheel/rim for your vehicle is always great--matching it with the correct tire size is just another crucial detail for this process. One size does not fit all, and sometimes we have to try on many sizes to find the perfect match- this applied to all of our shopping needs. This is why we have provided an easy to read chart that serves as a guide. Use this guide before matching your wheel & tire. Some of the negative factors that are likely to happen if you mismatch the two are: wobbly ride, shaky feel, unsteady drive and, well, you get the point! You can also harm the perfect wheels that took time, effort and dedication to purchase. A tip from one consumer to another is: do your research and get the best deal! Luckily, Santa Ana Wheel is your one-stop shop. With prices up to 70% LESS than dealerships we are easy to contact for any wheel needs!

Equivalency Table