How to clean alloy wheels

What you will need:

  • Choose between a combo of cheap household cleaning  supplies:
    • Dawn dish soap and Baking Soda (Most recommended)
    • Lemon juice and soda 
  • A basic large sponge
  • A powerful water hose
  • Old toothbrush (optional for small crevices) 
  • Soft microfiber cloth (or regular towel) 

If you wish to use an actual wheel cleaner, feel free. We just find it is unnecessary and plain chemicals work fine.

The first thing to make sure is that your wheels are completely cool and not hot from driving. The heat can react with the chemicals and have a less than desired effect.

To loosen up the old dirt, grime, and a wheels worst enemy, brake dust, spray vigorously with a power hose. Try to get into the small crevices in the wheel, the more the brake dust is loosened, the easier it will be to remove later. 

Combine Dawn dish soap and water in a bucket, (only about half a cup of Dawn) and mix well. Before scrubbing away with your sponge, soak it and carefully wipe away the dust and grime. Careful not to push too hard to grind the brake dust into the aluminum. Don't forget about the lug nuts, they can hide a lot of old caked on dirt.

Try using a soft toothbrush to reach into small slits. But don't push too hard! Some polished wheels may scratch easily. 

Once the wheel looks like most of the dirt is loosened, give it a good spray with the power hose. Wipe dry with a soft microfiber cloth, or a standard towel, but make sure to dry fully to not leave water spots.