There are two different types of wheels: Steel and Alloy. We will go over what differentiates them apart, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

As the name implies, steel wheels are manufactured from steel. You will notice steel wheels are much simpler in appearance than alloy wheels. They generally come in minimal styles and are available in black, silver, and white finishes. Due to their simplicity, hubcaps tend to cover them for aesthetic purposes. Steel is heavier than aluminum alloy; therefore, steel wheels will have slower acceleration. They are rather inexpensive to purchase and replace; however, don't let the price fool you. If you live in a very sandy area or the desert, your car may be equipped with them. Steel wheels are great for off-roading. This is due to how durable steel is, and the extra weight from the wheels provides excellent traction. This also makes them great for driving on snow.  

On the other spectrum, we have alloy wheels. They are much more aesthetically attractive. They are available in unlimited styles, finishes, and colors. Just a simple online search will pull up hundreds, if not thousands of different choices. Because they tend to be lighter than steel wheels, they are better for handling and acceleration. This is the reason they are equipped on sportier cars. There are a few drawbacks though. In addition to being more expensive to maintain, they are prone to damage. Curb rashes and corrosion from acids and salts will hinder an alloy's wheel appearance and performance.

You should take into account the differences mentioned above when deciding which type of wheel to buy. If you are ready to purchase, our online store carries both steel and alloy wheels for all makes and models.