Why is wheel balance so important?

*Editors Note: Overused Word/Topic = BALANCE.

Wheel balance serves the purpose to equalize the weight of the wheel to spin smoothly at any rate of speed at exceptionally high speeds on the freeway/highway.

We are all responsible for various tasks like being on time for class or deadlines at work. We also hold accountability to our family, friends, significant other, child, and pet! In the end, balancing all of these are key to happiness.

Your vehicle also requires balancing- it all begins with the foundation of YOUR WHEELS!

How we balance your wheels:

How do we balance our wheels? Simple! We carry the VeloSpinner. A portable tool created specifically to balance wheels.  

DESCRIPTION:  “Quickly and accurately spin wheels to detect and show any bents, wobbles, hops, or imperfections that would affect the smooth spin of the wheel."

USE: “Place the Spinning stand on a completely flat, stable surface. Place 10-70 lb wheel on top of the cone, carefully making sure that the outside rim of the wheel is over the flat surface and not over a free hanging edge. The wheel should be able to bounce slightly, not touching the flat surface. Lastly, we spin your wheel around several times, if your wheel spins smooth and straight, the wheel is not bent. Any wobbles will show any imperfections of the wheels


Take time to think about:

Necessity: Looking for wheel balance is routine the same as finding imbalance is routine.
Time: the wears in the wheel will happen eventually over time. Majority of tire shops will re-balance your wheel before annual rotation
Prevention: If your wheel is already bent, balancing this wheel cannot fix it- this calls for a new wheel

Common signs of non-balanced wheels:

1. Your steering wheel vibrates at speeds of over 55 mph.

2. You feel your seat or floorboard vibrating.

3. You begin to notice some imperfections on your tires; please reference the following descriptions for indications of tire wear and the cause.