I'm sure one time or another you have thought one time or another "Which rims are the best on the market?" or "Which rims should I purchase?" or "What are the common new and used rims/wheels?"

Honestly, the list goes on and on with various selections like finish, manufacturer, aftermarket, size, material. There are plenty of vendors, automotive specialist, wheel stores, automotive parts stores that claim to carry what you need and they may be right!

Below are the of Rims/Wheels on the market. The list will go from most preferred to least preferred in 2018.

1.Alloy Rims- These rims are taking over the market and not stopping anytime soon. Created from aluminum or magnesium or both. Performance wise: they offer less deadweight. What does this mean for the driver? Fast acceleration and minimum stop motion. This assists through less strain on the suspension of a vehicle, which results in more strength and sustainability on the road. These wheels can be made in various sizes and finishes. Summer (dry) weather compliments these lightweight wheels.

2.Steel Rims- These guys are slowly going from most standard wheels used to this day to less and less due to its lighter and more appealing counterpart. Steel rim heavyweight acts as an advantage and disadvantage. How so? Summer commutes do not require extra weight on the vehicle. Winter commutes, specifically- where it snows -steel wheel weight is a crucial primary factor. The deadweight of the steel allows a better grip on the road than its alloy competitor. The most prominent wheel size made for this style in no bigger than 17”. Cost wise, these would be the most economical purchase, they are about 80% cheaper than its competitors.

3.Chrome Wheels- We are all aware of the chrome finish- it was trendy at one point in time. During its birth in the 1960s up until the early 2000s. Due to its dangerous chemical use and application, it has been banned from some states in the U.S. Slowly; this finish started to decline- this called for finishes to decline. Read more about the cost of this finish in our article, "All About Chrome".

4.Spinners originated between the 80s-90s and people still used them in the early 00s. I remember growing up and seeing the spinners in different colors and spin motions. These are less common and rarely seen nowadays. The majority of its use was luxury and appeal- performance was not a factor here.