What Kind Of OEM Wheels Are You Searching For?

If you have the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle it is any wheel expert can help you figure out compatible product(s). Each year the automotive world acquires new parts for various vehicles, we try to snag as many as possible! There are multiple sales channels to discover exact matches or alternatives for your car rims, tires, wheels.

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For the past 60 years we have dedicated Santa Ana Wheel to supplying the best quality OEM wheels and rims. We have adapted to the market demands to better serve all commuters and car lovers alike! We try our best to generate the excellent consumer experience by providing products with the greatest value and selection in the West Coast market! OEM Wheels and Rims can be difficult to locate for older vehicles. We have wheels that date back to the 70's- we solve customer needs through expansion of all Steel and Alloy wheels! We hope that your shopping experience with us is a memorable one!

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