Do you need Wheel Accessories?

What exactly can be considered a wheel accessory? There are a few items regarded as wheel accessories are as follows:


Are plastic or metal shaped "caps" the attach to your steel wheel, they look like your typical rim to conceal the less appealing look of a steel wheel.

Center Caps Caps:

Caps vary in shape and sizes. Standard caps are a flat shaped and round. Some are at the center of the wheel. Some of them can be plain and the same color as the wheel itself. Others have the vehicle brand logo imprinted. Wule others may be customized or aftermarket for extra eye appeal. These accessories are readily available at most auto parts shops or wheel shops. 

Wheel Lugs:

Are created to secure the wheel studs for proper axles functions.

Hub Rings:

Hub rings are used to fill the space between the wheel hub and the center bore of the rim.

Wheel Lips:

Wheel lips are an add-on item for flare or special appearance

Wheel Spacers:

are used as wheel adjusters for a couple of reasons.

1. To change the wheel bolt pattern.

2. To widen an offset of the wheel.