We may be half-way through summer, but that does not mean the fun has to stop! The next long-weekend holiday is right around the corner! Take this opportunity to plan out the long-anticipated road trip with friends/family! Before you decide to take on the road- make sure you to complete a wheel/rim/tire inspection of your vehicle to assure safe departure and arrival!

When was the last time you had your wheels and tires checked? Make sure that your tires have a sufficient amount of air and your wheel is free of cracks or bends.

Have you rotated your tires recently? If not, we would recommend doing so if you have a two-wheel drive, rear wheel drive or front wheel drive. This way the muscle can be distributed evenly, and you won't have to worry about wear & tear! 

Does your vehicle have a TPMS sensor readily available? If not- we highly recommend you purchase and install one before hitting the road. 

Have a safe, comfortable and have a smooth ride!

Thanks for reading!