If there is irreparable damage on any wheel due to  severe crack or accident, be sure to use these four steps to as reference:

  1. Get a consult from an automotive professional
    -Before considering purchasing a new wheel. Get a consult from an automotive professional is before replacing a wheel due to irreparable damage caused by a crack is to get a full diagnosis by an automotive professional. 
  2. Select the correct size for your wheel
    -Wheel sizing can be confusing at times. All you have to do is look at the outer part of the tire, locate a series of numbers. For example, if your set looks like "205/85-R15" ONLY focus on "R15" is the size of your wheel.
  3. Select the correct color/finish for your wheel/rim
    -Please keep in mind that color match may not always be a 100% match. Fortunately, some wheels have very similar finishes that can be matched up to 80% and is hardly noticeable.
  4. Find a location where the installation is hassle-free
    -Make sure the company you choose has an excellent reputation and is someone that you can trust.

Thanks for reading!