Are they for everyone?

Definition: The front and back wheels are different sizes. Usually the back wheel is just a bit wider than the front wheel for various reasons. Some tips on maintaining the wheels include: rotating the left and right wheel in with one another instead of front and back.  this all depends on what works best for your vehicle and personal preference.

Pro: Good Car Stance, Straight-line, Traction, Looks, Better drive on solid pavement.

Con: Tire rotation, Under-steer, Does not work for all wheel drive or front wheel drive, Back wheels need to be changed out if you live in an area where it snows.  

Customers usually come to us for back sets of wheels, but if you need all four we are more than happy to. For instance- if you already have a set of front wheels that are well and running, all you need is a set of good back tires and we're just the place to get this work done.

If you have any more questions, WHEEL be here to get your ride rolling.