Pirelli hasn't reinvented the wheel. They have simply made it better. Pirelli combines tire performance with technology to create the world's first smart tire. Meet Pirelli Connesso. Translated from Italian, connesso means "connected".

Instead of using the usual tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), the tires come equipped with sensors built into the tire's grooves and inner wall. These sensors can report tire pressure, inside temperature, and load data that is communicated in real time. With the use of Bluetooth, they work through the Pirelli cloud and with applications found oniOS and Android based devices.

The system is able to store historical data regarding mileage, maintenance, wear, and road conditions.  The data collected through the IoT cloud-based system will allow for predictive tire maintenance. For the average person this might not matter much; however, this might be highly beneficial for fleet service managers.

Thanks to app alerts, the tires can notify the user when tire pressure changes and when the tire is worn down. Through the Pirelli application, a user is able to identify the closet tire shop and book an appointment.

No word has been given on availability yet, as Pirelli has been working with automakers to introduce these as factory tires. The first production car expected to benefit from the Pirello Connesso tires is the Ferrari FXX. Only time will tell when these tires make it to regular average cars.