Just like your car's paint needs protection from the elements, your wheels require protection too. There are wheel products specifically designed to protect your wheels. These products are no longer only available to car enthusiasts or wheel shops. Although there are different types, and go by different brand names, they are commonly known as wheel sealants/waxes.

Similar to car wax, these sealants and waxes form a protective layer between a wheel's surface and the harsh elements. The products are meant to improve and maintain the pristine condition of your wheels. They protect against dirt, brake dust, tar, and even from scratches and scrapes. When looking for a wheel sealant/wax look for products marked explicitly able to repel brake dust. If left on a wheel for a prolonged period (even a matter of a few weeks), brake dust is capable of eating through your wheel's clear coat. Brake dust can also lead to corrosion on aluminum and chrome-plated wheels.

Washing and cleaning treated wheels will never be easier. The contaminants do not penetrate the protective barrier formed by the sealant/wax and are repelled. Those that do manage to stick on to the wheels can be quickly and effortlessly taken off with a soft-bristled brush. When rinsing with water, there will be few chances for water spots because the water will just run off. To increase the life of your wheels and the sealant/wax, we recommend thoroughly drying your wheels and tires.

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