How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Scratch or Dent On My Wheels or Rims?

We all seem to hit a bump in the road one time or another- speaking metaphorically and physically. The cost for each depends on the damage severity. Some wheels are damaged far from repair which calls for a new wheel. In some cases. Fixing a damaged wheel can be more expensive than purchasing another one. Common questions and their outcomes are as follows:

What do I do first?

The best way to determine how much your wheel repair will cost is to contact your local automotive specialist for an estimate. They will also tell you whether or not the damage is fixable or if you need to purchase a new wheel.

My wheel is fixable...

Great! Make sure to ask about price! Ask key questions about what procedures they will follow. Unfortunately, there are some cases where fixing the wheel is more costly than actually buying a new one.

My wheel is NOT fixable...

I would recommend buying a used wheel. Used wheels are the best alternative if you want to save a few coins.

If you find an exact match to your wheel/rim, that’s amazing! Make the purchase and be on your way!

I can't find a wheel that matches my face finish...

In some cases, exact wheel matches are less common. If you have trouble locating a product similar yours- purchase something that is 90%-95% match. This new product will get the job done. A similar face is better than something that looks off.

I need to buy a new wheel...

Look into a retail wheel store(s) and compare prices.

Do your homework and shop around before you commit to anything. In cases like these, you need to be THAT customer who wants the best for their buck! Save time and avoid purchasing from a dealership. Though, it may seem like an excellent choice to buy a BRAND NEW wheel with 100% match- the moment that quote goes through you are likely to turn the other way.

I fixed my wheel / I purchased a replacement wheel. What next?

After purchasing your new or used wheel, PLEASE have an automotive professional mount and install the wheel(s) correctly. Feel free to review our Installation Policy as a reference for wheel mounting. If your wheel is not mounted correctly, this can cause more significant problems for future commutes.

In conclusion...

Accidents happen! Luckily there are people in the industry who are here to help! Santa Ana Wheel is capable of providing all of the services above at a reasonably low cost! Feel free to contact us during regular business hours and speak to one of our representatives! You can also check out our different prices for Damaged Wheel Service.


Until Next Week!