Whats the difference? 

Four Wheel Drive (FWD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) are NOT the same.

After some research, here are the common denominators for each.

Four-Wheel Drive: Is made for bigger vehicles-such as trucks and SUV’s. Traction is key for the purpose of going off-road. Power throughout the wheels can be switched on/off depending on the drive condition. The grip on this wheel drive is necessary ford driving up hills, throughout mud, etc. 

All-Wheel-Drive: This is more common medium sized vehicles for regular road drive. The wheel power is distributed evenly throughout the axles and onto all four wheels. AWD has better drive control means higher safety rate. For some vehicles,  the AWD is part-time (and only used when AWD is necessary) the other includes AWD at all times. The traction for these work excellent during harsh weather such as rain, ice, and snow.