Time for an upgrade?

SoCal is notorious for rush hours and heavy traffic. Every morning/evening we have destinations to reach that rely on transportation from a vehicle that requires wheels, or what I like to call  “the foundation of your commute”.   

This foundation may or may not need an upgrade, it all depends on the condition your current wheel and vehicle. A couple of things to keep in mind when you are thinking about upgrading your wheel:

SIZE: Q: How drastic should my change be? A: Start the year with a bang,  up size your wheel size to a bigger diameter. If you would like to up size  sizing your wheel it will give you the chance to fill up extra space in the wheel wells for a different ride/feel.  

FINISH: There are various finishes for wheels which depend on the color of your vehicle. We specialize in chrome or painting the entire face of an alloy wheel to change from the original finish in colors such as silver, black, white, matte, semi-matte, gloss, etc. 


You can customize you wheel character & Santa Ana Wheel wants to help!

If you have a vision we can make it come to life.